More than half of Mexicans will experience high blood pressure at some point. And taking into account that hypertension essentially doubles your risk of cardiovascular disease, it would be nice if you took it a little more seriously. Our grandparents are not only prone to hypertension, they can also have problems with their teeth, you can take them to a dentist and find out if you need dental implants in Mexico.

Hypertension means that your blood is pressing on the blood vessels more strongly. It does not seem like a big deal, but over time it could damage the walls and allow the formation of plaque, thus blocking the arteries and depriving the body of the blood and oxygen it needs.

Then, we ask ourselves: and how will I know that I have hypertension? The safest thing is that you do not have the slightest idea. And, although high blood pressure can cause serious and fatal problems such as a heart attack, it is practically asymptomatic.

Numbers above 130/80
If you check, you will notice. The problem is that surely you do not take the pressure ever.

Your blood pressure changes constantly to adjust to your levels of physical activity, hydration, sleep, eating and other factors. Choose a time when you are calm, well hydrated and take the pressure in the medical area of ??your work or your nearest clinic. Do it once a week or month, and if it is greater than 130/80 3 times, consult it with an expert.

Your parents have high blood pressure
Although exercise and good nutrition can lower the pressure, we can not avoid the role of our genes. Our genetics is INDISPENSABLE for our cardiac health, and hypertension is hereditary. If your parents, grandparents or siblings, especially if someone had a heart attack before 45, suffers from this, waters!

Some people with hypertension experience headaches. However, these symptoms usually do not manifest in a noticeable way until the pressure is VERY high. If you ever have an intense migraine that does not subside you could be having a “hypertensive crisis” and you need to go to the emergency room.

You are inflamed and constipated
High blood pressure is related to diabetes and kidney disease, so some women experience inflammation and lack of urination. In fact, many people discover that they are hypertensive because their toileting habits change drastically.

Your vision suddenly worsened
High blood pressure can affect the blood vessels in the eyes, causing inflammation. This can sometimes be identified through an optical examination. If you experience blurred vision or a drastic change in your vision, do not hesitate to consult with a specialist.

You are getting dizzy
Feeling suddenly dizzy can be a warning sign of a heart attack caused by high blood pressure. If the dizziness is related to something obvious, such as getting up quickly, or if it disappears quickly, surely it is not cause for concern. But if this happens often, it’s a symptom that you definitely should not ignore.